Fall 6 Week Course

6 Week Contemporary Mindfulness Course
October 12-November 16 (Wed)  6:30-7:40PM
location: near Ballas & Clayton Rd
cost: $235

For registration info contact Elizabeth at modharma@gmail.com  or 314 397-3732.   This class is space limited,  enrollment is on a 1st come 1st served basis so early registration is advised.  Class fee required for enrollment

Contemporary mindfulness has become increasingly popular due to research demonstrating its effectivity in stress reduction, emotional regulation, improved attention, equanimity, kindness and general wellbeing.  This 6 week course goes beyond basic stress reduction and identifies the emotional dysregulation cycle and mindful reregulation skills thereby offering a condensed yet comprehensive application of contemporary mindfulness on our busy modern lives.  This will be a small class.

Class Outline:
Focus = Calm
The Present: Being vs Doing
Interrupting Habits: Awareness vs Autopilot
Acceptance & Aversion
Establishing Mindful Habits


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