“Elizabeth is a nationally certified mindfulness teacher.  I feel confident that I’m getting the real thing”  

unnamed.jpg6 Week Mindfulness: Core Skills Course
Dates TBA ( no classes currently)
6 Evening Sessions
office location: near Ballas & Clayton Rd
cost: $255

To be on the class announcement list please contact


This 6 Week Level 1 Course for the general public offers an in depth understanding of contemporary mindfulness that goes beyond basic stress reduction.  These are well researched core mindfulness skills and their application to stress, physical & emotional regulation, attention/aptitude development, internal attunement and acceptance skills that lead to well being. Booklet and weekly audio files included.
*This class is not meant to treat specific mental disorders.  Specific disorders require individualized treatment.

Level 1 Class Outline:
1.  Focused Calm 
2.  Being vs Doing 
3.  Awareness vs Habits
4.  Distress & Equanimity
5.  Acceptance
6.  Daily Mindfulness


“It is evident that Elizabeth is a master teacher.  Her understanding of mindfulness is far beyond anyone else, she has over 40 years of experience!  We’re so lucky to have her here”  Kinsey

“Elizabeth is trained in both contemporary and traditional schools of mindfulness which together yield a comprehensive depth of understanding I haven’t experienced elsewhere”  Brian



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