About Mindfulness

COVID 19 Update!
The pandemic has an enormous impact psychologically as well as physically by increasing fear, panic & devastation and also exacerbating existing mood (anxiety/depression) and other psychological issues.  Mindfulness and mindfulness based treatment can assist us through this difficult time.  Mindfulness originated over 2000 years ago with an emphasis on balancing the mind, even in the midst of suffering, in order to cultivate compassion & wisdom.  These troubling time require us to go deeper into ourselves with the guidance of these ancient teachings.

I am currently offering virtual sessions for those seeking this type of mentoring or counseling.  Please email or phone me for fees and scheduling.

Mindfulness has vast amounts of research demonstrating benefits in numerous ways including but not limited to:

stress reduction
emotional regulation
multiple physical health benefits
reduced anxiety & depression
increased attention/focus/aptitude
better judgement
memory & aging benefits
increased equanimity, empathy & acceptance
relationship satisfaction & kindness
general wellbeing

“Mindfulness is a way of being in a wiser relationship to one’s experience, not one particular mental state to be pursued and attained.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

Beyond Stress Reduction

As a comprehensive understanding & application of mindfulness develops, mindful living goes beyond the basic skills and becomes a way of life by developing harmony with ourselves and our experience.  This deeper experience of mindfulness practice can lead to the happiness & wellbeing that is it’s potential.



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