Counseling & Mentoring


Private Sessions

All sessions are currently virtual (FaceTime/Skype)

Mindfulness must be personal to be relevant. Private sessions offer you a personalized focus and application of mindfulness.  The emphasis will depend on your specific needs.

Mindfulness Based Counseling will emphasize the contemporary approach to personal or psychological issues using mindfulness principles.

Mindfulness Mentoring/Coaching will emphasize a more educational approach of either contemporary or traditional mindfulness.

: I have offices in West Co St Louis MO, Santa Fe NM and offer Skype/FaceTime sessions.
Health Insurance: statements are provided for direct client reimbursement from your health insurance provider for ‘out of network’ reimbursement.
314 397-3732 or


“It really made a difference to meet individually with Elizabeth.  She helped me apply mindfulness specifically to my needs'”.  David

It is evident that Elizabeth is a master teacher.  Her understanding of mindfulness is far beyond anyone in this area. She has 40 years of experience!  We’re so lucky to have her here”  Kinsey

Elizabeth lives mindfulness. She is experienced in both new and old schools which together yield a comprehensive depth of understanding I haven’t experienced elsewhere”  Brian

I feel so fortunate to have found Elizabeth, she is a gem.  Her humor and wonderful stories are a delight.  She really makes mindfulness simple and down to earth”  Connie


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